Well, not so much ratings as opinions, but hey, w/e.

Looking for a drama to watch? Well here are my opinions (for what it’s worth) on a handful of them. 😉 Don’t worry, it’s spoiler free. (surprised?)

14 Sai no Haha
(jdrama) Very emotional -a definite tear-jerker. Great acting, great plot. Mmm, a very ‘heavy’ drama, can you handle it?

Absolute Boyfriend (jdrama) Umm, i dont know? It wasn’t a bad drama, but it wasn’t a must-see either. Watch it if you need a filler!

Attention Please (jdrama) It’s a good drama. About a rocker-chick becoming a stuardress/flight attendent -w/e. It was cute -but nothing too special.

Boys Over Flowers (kdrama) A bad, bad, bad, bad drama. Eye Candy is lovely (omnomnomnom), fun to be part of the hype -but not worth the hype at all.

Brilliant Legacy (kdrama) A Cinderella-type story. It’s hard to summarize this, as everything in this drama connects. Even the smallest of details. It’s a very, very frustrating drama -but one of the closest ones to my heart. It’s a difficult one to start, but an easy one to get sucked in to. The acting, production, script -it’s a very well made a drama. And it had amazing ratings. Give it a shot, but don’t judge it based on the first episode!

City Hall The best chemistry I’ve ever seen in a drama. It was so… real. Like you could reach out and grab it. It was an intense romance, though at the beggining, you’ll be questioning about whether or not you should take it seriously. And there is humour in this too, all the better.

Coffee Prince
(kdrama) Three words. A. Must. Watch.

Dal Ja’s Spring heh, I liked it. Different aspects of life seems to take the focus over the romance. Though, the romance is one of those aspects. It’s an enjoyable series, with millions of side-plots (that don’t take away from the drama, but helps shapeit), and good chemistry.

Dragon Zakura …to be honest, my only reason for watching this was for the eye-candy. /guilty. And at the end of the series, that’s the only thing I liked about it. *shrugs* I mean, it’s not my kind of drama. We have this lawyer playing a teacher role, attempting to get a handful of relatively stupid students into the best university in Japan. I- I just don’t care for the plot, I suppose. However, it’s not a bad drama -by any means. It just didn’t suite my tastes.

Gokusen (jdrama) Watched all three seasons. Gokusen is probably the most predictable drama. Ever. If you watched one episode, you’ll know every other episode. It’s really silly too. BUT! I, personally, found this drama HILARIOUS! I laughed and d’aaawd, and laughed s’more. PLUS IT’S DROWNED IN EYECANDY. WHACHU WAITIN’ FOR. WATCH IT SON.

Hana Kimi (jdrama) Ikuta Toma (Nakatsu) owns the drama. Srsly. It’s not a great romance, but one of the greatest comedies I’ve ever seen. It’s over-the-top-cheesy/silly -but laugh-out-loud funny.

Hana Kimi (twdrama) Doesnt have the same humour-charm that the japanese version had. Definately watchable. The ending was left open (as there was suppose to be a second season) so, it’s kinda, idk. It was okay, and Wu Chun is gorgeous, but there’s nothing that great about it. Worth the watch to see Chun-ny half naked? *perverted grin*

Hana Yori Dango (jdrama) My very first drama. I adore it the pieces. (Japanese version of BoF). Everything about it is lovely: Chemistry, Scenery, Acting, Music. Some complain that it gets repetitive/predictable (in season 2), but I feel otherwise. C’mon y’all, this is a relationship. And since when were relationships ever smooth-sailing? Anyway, it’s a very nice taste of friendship, family and love in this drama. Ugh, did I mention I absolutely adore this drama?

Kimi wa Petto This drama is really, really cute- but not in a fluffy way. Hmm, I watched this like three years ago -I’ll rewatch it again, and tell you what I think then.

LIFE (jdrama) Another sad drama. About intense-bullying. If thats your kinda thing, go for it! but I didnt like it.

My Girl Well………… I don’t temember it too well. I remember really liking it though, until the last episode. No spoilers, but she said this one line that was drowned in cheesiness and stupidity that it threw me off completely. And so, I didn’t care much for this drama. I do know that a lot of other people are crazy over it, so idk. Watch it on your own accord.

My Love Patzi (kdrama)*snort* Somewhat entertaining. I love Kim Rae Won. Crappy ending. That’s about it.

Romantic Princess was a big waste of time. The first half is addicting and promising, the second half is stupid and unnecessary.

Smiling Pasta (twdrama) Very, very cute. Cute-cute-cute! Sometimes, a little too much, but one of my favorite TW rom-coms. Pretty much an lonely idol and a clumsy/naive girl are in a situation where they need to ‘fake’ a relationship. And we all know what happens after! JUSS’ WATCH IT OKAY.

What Star/Planet Are You From? I’ve rewatched it twice. Bok-Shil- she has such an adorable and unique personality. I adore her. And Kim Rae Won, he’s so ~cool~ in this. Ugh, I love this drama, though others aren’t too crazy over this one.

Why Why Love?  Do I like this series? Yes. Do I love it? No.  The chemistry and romance is all there, and their bickering is cute. But by the end, it’s more about brotherhood than the romantic relationships. Which was actually quite touching.

You’re Beautiful (kdrama) It’s such an adorable drama. It’s a breather from the usual serious tone that kdramas tend to give me (I mean, it still gets angsty, but still pretty okay). It’s not prefect, but very endearing. I loved it. Just watch it!

/will continue and beautify list later. LATER YALLZ!


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    I LOVE THIS! 😀 thanks, it helps alot!

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