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Okay, come on people! I absolutely hate it when people complain about others comparing dramas. It’s inevitable! Honestly, how could you not compare? There are based off the exact same story. It’s impossible not to. And further more, how can people dislike comparisons? All versions have different strengths and weaknesses, and what is wrong with noting […]

Im not going to lie -I check my site stats quite often, and even if it says one viewer, I get pretty happy. (Pretty Happy = Calling my friends and tell them how my site is so loved because I got one view. I’m a pathetic person, I know. I C U JUDGING OKAY.)

that’s all I really wanted to say. dont judge.

Hay dar lurker.


Alright, well I attempted to start a “drama-review-blog” on blogger, but they say that wordpress is the better choice -so here I am y’alls. Having a couple posts already up and my old blog, I thought I might-as-well bring them over here, emirite?