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And in writing this, I forgot what paragraphs were. Advertisements

Capital Scandal leaves me with no wannabe-witty phrases or awkward metaphors to describe it. Is that a good thing? Depends.  

This is delayed, so let’s just get right into this. …what are we getting into again? Should I provide a summary of the episode? Or just random -IDK WHAT IM DOING. ILL JUST GO WITH THE FLOW. Okaaaaaaaaaaaaay, lights, camera, ACTION! cue: fading lights and mozart music.

[references to my rant in every corner. sorry.] … and it was, in fact, a trick of the eye.

I know I mentioned this in my previous post, but I haven’t clarified what ‘Pasta Days’ is exactly. I have a fiery passion for Pasta, and I need a place to let it all out. “Pasta Days” will be the place where I am going to rant, vent, review, squeal and relive my favorite moments, episode […]

I know, I know, I haven’t been really active lately. And it is not at all my fault! Blame Pasta!

Yeah, this makes a number two for Brilliant Legacy review- but I realize that my other one is lengthy, and a tad all-over-the place. It’s more my thoughts than evaluating the actual drama (not promising that this one will be an cleaner though. LOL.). Anyway -this and my other review will probably have the same points.  This one […]