Secret Garden: Thoughts


And in writing this, I forgot what paragraphs were.

Wow. I don’t even know where to start.

I never really watched Secret Garden on a week-to-week basis. I marathoned through episodes 1 – 7, had enough Joo Won and called it a day. After about a month, I decided to give it another shot, and marathoned through episodes 8 – 18, the last to episode airing the following weekend.

And I have to say, at the end of the day I feel kind of detached from it. Episodes 1 – 16 were fun -but far from easy and breezy. My ideal romance goes along the lines of: Spunky Heroine Melts the Heart of Cold Hearted Male.  What? That’s the plot for most already, you say? Well slap my ass and call me Sally. LOL. But really, I do realize that this could be the one line to describe 90% of Roms, but there is a right way to do it. And this one seemed follow that very formula – at surface, that is.  But once you get into it, you realize that it really isn’t that way. Because, despite how it was introduced, the Spunky Heroine isn’t all that spunky. She’s a passionate stunt woman, yes. But she seems so bland with everything else. She’s a loyal friend, a daughter who lost both parents, an Oska fangirl, yeah, yeah, I get it. But c’mon you introduce this badass stuntwoman, doing flips and tricks and all, but she was… almost boring. She didn’t even have enough balls to stand up to her Man’s Mama. She really ought to see how the Spunky Women of  the Past (SWP) did it, because it was a fail on the test of Badassery. I’m not saying that all heroines need to do it like the SWP, but I was just missing the spunk from her character. I don’t even know, thinking back, her place in the drama was really a response to whatever JW would come up with (which was usually with disinterest, and sometimes violence). The writers didn’t really spend the time to develop her character really…  I don’t know. But although I believe Raim was in love with JW, I never understood why. I mean, you can say that loving someone is beyond one’c control -but there isn’t any explanation for it. And I totally agree. But it’s like when your best friend dates a douche, you get that she has feelings for him, but you cant help but to wonder why. I mean, JW was so cruel to her, she was hurt, but she was still somehow able to open up to him. I, I don’t get why!  But Raim isn’t my best friend (nor did I care for her as one), so I won’t complain too much on that, and just enjoy the interactions the leading pair had. Secondly, in the land of Cold Heart Men, most of them are rich a-holes. And this one was no different.  And usually, once the heart is melted, they change (or develop if you will) and become better people, and they open their eyes to more of the world. Nope, not in this drama. Sure, he’s attracted to her. Like really. Freals. But then he thinks he’s Oh, So, Great. And I understand it, he grew up being told he was Oh So Great, and is constantly treated like he was Oh So Great. It became a mindset- a reality, that he was Oh So Great. LOL. And he is as  far as status goes. I guess he is good at what he does in the Business World too, but and not in the Romance World. And not as a person in general. He is as big of a jerk as jerk can be, nothing appealing about him at all. And as the drama continues, he remains a jerk. Up until the very end. I mean, the last episode he does’t even propose. He tells her they’re going to be married (no chocolate, no flower, no ring. And I ask, why? I mean, not proposal either). And says some stupid It’s not become I love you. But because I can only love you. in response to the missing “I Love You” (in the missing proposal).  And she melts and takes his hand, of course! Um, what? Yep. Okay.  And the thing is he never really treats her right. He means well in his own little world he’s living in. And we see that in episode 17 (OMG the tears I shed) how much he does care for her. Why couldn’t he have shown that before? Or after she woke up? Or during the proposal? I’m okay with JW acting like such a Ahole at first, because I’m under the impression he’s going to change. Falling for a woman does not equate to change, unless there is change. There is, without a doubt, feelings between the two leads. Chemistry was amazing too. But in this love story The Jerk got what he wanted all while remaining The Jerk. (I understand that he was willing to put everything on the line for her -so why did he still give me The Jerk feelings?) If you read my Brilliant Legacy post, you’d know that one of my favorite things about it is that EunSung doesn’t fall for Hwan until he grows up and becomes a genuinely good, kind-hearted person. JW is barely decent. I mean… I’m still not over that proposal. Really, WTF. And that, perhaps, is my biggest issue with the drama. The lack of connection I felt towards the lead pairing. I did fall in love with the drama (for a short period of time), but never for the characters. And usually the characters are my driving force in a drama. When characters can own my heart and soul, I will stick by them till the very end, and then some. For instance, in Pasta, I found the lead pair to be so endearing, that it actually made me giddy and excited to watch it -despite it’s lack of plot. Secret Garden didn’t have those kinds of characters for me. Characters that could make me overlook flaws in the plot (like I did with Personal Taste). They had a lead pair that I didn’t care much for. That isn’t to say that the two of them didn’t create an interesting show for me to watch. There were comedic bits and witty dialog that kept my entertainment throughout, that drowned with steamy chemistry. I enjoyed it. I really did.

It was was episodes 17 and 18 (well, more 17) that stole my soul. Really, episode 17. Omg cries. It returned my soul really quickly though, haha.

But the Body Swap thing. I mean, already, it seemed that the Body Swap was used nothing but for the laughs. And laughs it did give, but it could have given so much more. But the way it was solved. I’ll sum it up in three words, “WE’VE BEEN TROLLED”. And yes, that’s how I actually feel. And I don’t like trolls. They aren’t welcomed to my land of dramas okay. And the lack of TS was disappointing. LOL.

Come to the last two episodes -some bits were embarrassing to watch (um, the squeal of delight Raim does when their ‘married’. ): wasnt impressed.) But my I really wished they didn’t have kids. I barely found both RI and JW mature enough to really… I mean, they were still in their early stages of love. No matter what JW proved in episode 17, they still had tons to learn about each other. I feel like they’ve barely dated before the whole marriage thing happened, and now even kids? It’s not even that if felt rushed, it just lost me. I found it hard to believe -so I didn’t. I would have enjoyed the finale much more without the kids. It didn’t feel real. And she didnt have a wedding. ): Every girl deserves that. Idgaf what the mother in law says.

I do love Oska x TS pairing. More than I should have, really. And I have grown to like YS. So I was happy with these three characters. I actually cared for them more than our leads. Wow, never had that happen before.

And Oska’s proposal was adorable. Oska doing anything was adorable, really. Such a likable guy. I dont blame TS the slightest. Haha.

And YS’s sign. L.O.L. love it.

I will end off saying that I actually really, really, liked the very last scene. Loved that they ended it with that.

Secret Garden. I still don’t know my verdict on it.

It wasn’t a waste of time, but wasn’t always worth it either. I guess I’ll end it with that.


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