Why Complain Over Comparisons? I say: WHINE MOAR!


Okay, come on people!
I absolutely hate it when people complain about others comparing dramas.

It’s inevitable!

Honestly, how could you not compare? There are based off the exact same story. It’s impossible not to. And further more, how can people dislike comparisons? All versions have different strengths and weaknesses, and what is wrong with noting it? Or discussing it? Or debating it? No one takes Dramas that personally (to the point of butthurt). You prove me wrong, I judge you. LOLJK, not really but still.

The most recent episode of this is Playful Kiss, and excuse my eyes for rolling all over the place.

It’s like going to two different restaurants and ordering the same dish of pasta.  There is nothing wrong with saying that the pasta and Cafe de Pasta is better than the one at Pastaritzia. Or that the noodles and one place are cooked nicer, but the sauce at the other place taste better. It’s called an opinion. And using past experiences to reason it.

I just can’t wrap my mind around those who are able to avoid comparing. Have you ever sat and watched TV and was successful in blocking out a character you hate? (In a character-does-not-exist-on-my-screen kind of way. Unable to acknowledge the existence of said character?) Or how about blocking out a conversation between two people who happen to sit right in front of you (Without trying!)? I mean, if you can, props to you. I just can’t. I don’t have that skill, nor will I ever.

Wanna complain over comparisons? I say: Whine moar!

And yes, those who complain over those who complain over comparisons are loser. Though, I would argue that those who complain about people who complain over those who complain over comparison are the bigger loser. LOL.


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