Capital Scandal: A Rantview


Capital Scandal leaves me with no wannabe-witty phrases or awkward metaphors to describe it. Is that a good thing? Depends.

  Capital Scandal -another drama that I was emotionally connected to. Not a strong connection, but a connection none-the-less which is rare for me these days. I enjoyed it immensely, that is, until the last two episodes. I know a lot of viewers were complaining over how the drama ended. I was actually okay with that, but how to conflict was resolved… it became very unrealistic for me. And I like to keep my unrealistic stuff on the Japan and Taiwan side of dramalife, thanks.

Before I get ahead of myself, let me talk about the setting and characters. First! Cha Song Joo’s a baaaabe. She really is, gorgeous that Han Go Eun is. The rest of the cast are more than pleasant  to look at too..  Keeping in mind this drama took place in teh 1930’s, the Japan Invasion. This town is really, really cute. The time period seemed to really emphasize the transition between traditional korea (hanboks, brades) meets modernization (hats, suits, dresses). I really enjoyed that factor -and some of the hanboks were really pretty! And I melt for guys in suits -and the fact that they were never not wearing a suit :3 I was a happy bunny, let me tell you. I just loved the whole concept and feel of the drama. And Im a oldies kind gal -well not so much musically, but movies, shows, dramas -count me in! Ramble, ramble, ramble. Let’s get to the juicy stuff.

The drama starts out soooo promising! Na Yeo Kyeong is a traditional girl. She owns a book store, in which she teaches students how to read and write in the evenings. Due to a misunderstanding, she meets way with Seon Woo Wan, a wealthy, modern playboy who doesn’t take his life too seriously. Yeo Kyeong is anti Japan Invasion, while Woo Wan doesn’t care: he just goes with the flow (and then does some illegal dancing. LOL.) And yes, the leads start to fall for each other in and adorable “you’re my first love” kind of way. And when they get jealous of each other, it’s not at all eye-roll inducing. The chemistry between the leads is fun to follow, and the fact that they are so understanding of each other (okay, not really but still) is just the icing on the cake. Through Yeo Kyeong, he is able to care for his country. The two join an assassination group dedicated to kill off Japanese officials and eventually all the officers. This is the main conflict. And it was solved pathetically.

I’d rather take out the assassination group (even though it’d make the drama less interesting) and let the focus be the main love interest than resolve the conflict like they did. The last two episodes were so wrong for me. I was not expecting the events of episode 15 to happen, and I am still upset of how the cards were played. A top-secret assassination group plans are suppose to be full-proof. It’s supposed to deceive average citizens and such. They are supposed to be well thought out and logical. BUT THIS DOES NOT HAPPEN IN THE LAND OF DRAMAS. The leader of the group, the pro, planned the last task like an amateur. How does the drama expect me to follow where they take me when you use such pathetic excuses? I’m more likely to follow a rainbow to get a pot of gold.

Aside from that, the biggest turn off, for me, was when they killed off the characters I adored. I’m okay with deaths happening when it’s used the right way. But you do not kill my babies off with your pathetic excuses and expect to keep loving you! Sorry hun, I’m not too fond of murderers. And the leads that they did keep -I don’t understand how they survived. I’m happy that they did, but it’s still hard for me to believe it. So, I stopped caring for the drama. All that emotional investment was such a waste, since I gained nothing out of it by the end. It’s a pity because I loved the characters -but not so much the plot they had to follow.

In all honesty, the last two episodes killed the entire series for me. I can look back and try and remember the good stuff. The setting, the humor (which was exaggerated, and for that reason I loved it. The three musketeers had me rolling with laughter. Each. Time.), the characters and ughh the potential -it was all there. And when I think of how it could have been, and what it wasn’t, it overshadows the good points for me. It’s unfortunate, I know. I’m still bitter about it, I was really feeling this drama up until That. Point. And I will credit the drama for it. I just can’t look back at this drama without RAAAAGGEEEEing..


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