Pasta Day 1: Goldfish and Second-hand Embarassment


This is delayed, so let’s just get right into this.

…what are we getting into again?
Should I provide a summary of the episode? Or just random -IDK WHAT IM DOING. ILL JUST GO WITH THE FLOW.

Okaaaaaaaaaaaaay, lights, camera, ACTION!

cue: fading lights and mozart music.

We see kitchen. We see cooks. We see delicious foods. Our stomachs begin to growl. And we see Seo Yoo Kyung running around.

 Seo Yoo Kyung is the assistant at elite resteraunt, La Sfera. She works hard and strives to do her best. Why? Because it is her dream to become a chef. Assistant? That’s just the first step in climbing her way to the top. The only thing is, she’s been the assistant for… the past three years. However, news arrived that she is to be promoted, and the Party in the USA song comes to play. Not really, but happiness would be an understatement for how she was feeling.

She skips to the market place to buy the resteraunt ingrediants toodalooo, toodalooo. Happy Seo Yoo Kyun! Smiling Seo Yoo Kyung! Excited Seo Yoo Kyung! Luck even seemed to be on her side! In one of the stores she got two goldfish as part of their *cough* ~special~.  After finishing off her grocery shopping, she begins to cross the street, making her way back to the resteraunt. As she crosses, some buisness man bumps into her. HOW RUDE. TSK MAN. CANT YOU SEE ALL DEM GROCERIES. SUCK IT. He kind of does a half-hearted apology, and rushes off to the other side. Seo Yoo Kyung is left on the floor, picking up the groceries that fell. AND OMGNO, THE FISH FELL TOO. And the water broke (pregnancy? O: not funny? No? …no? anyone? Fine, okay.). She’s kind of in a sticky situation, yaknow, picking up the groceries… and the fish (without the water)… and keeping herself up (lol) while at it. Not to mention, she’s in the middle of the street -and her crossing  time is running out! And that’s when our hero comes in.

Although this is not the end of the first episode, this concludes the long awaited Pasta Day 1!

It’s not really as sparkly as I had hoped, but yaknow, maybe Pasta Day 2 will bring the glitterzzz in. Or not. Maybe. Hmm….

To be honest, all of this was dont months ago -I just hadnt had the time to.. erm… well, to post it. But! Summer’s coming up, so I’ll update a lot more… promise?


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