Autumn’s Concerto: Finale


No, this aint a recap, and I dont think I’ll write enough to call it a rant either. It’s more my feelings of Autumn’s Concerto, with the finale that aired yesterday. Before anything, I want to throw it out there that I have yet to touch Autumn’s Concerto since my last rant. So I still have episode 19 to complete as well. That being said, I am not excited for the finale. At last, we get to see the carrot scene that most have been awaiting since the series played it between commercial break, but I just get this feeling that it won’t be all that it is hyped up to be. Autumn’s Concerto was such a promising series, that I can’t express my aggravation towards the way the series has been progressing.  I do not like Ren Guang Xi, Xiao Le is such an adorable kid, Hua Tuo Ye is an admirable fool and Mu Cheng is too caring for her own good. Anyway, I’ve watched some of the previews and it seems like the way they are going to finally stay together is ridicules. Her kid is kidnapped? Tuo Ye encourages Mu Cheng to go with Guang Xi? Hellooooo? My eyes are going to fall out from all the eye-rolling. Anyway, I’ll watch it soon.  After I get my Pasta-fix.  PASTA DAYS! OOOOF.


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