The Pasta Obsession: A (useless) Rant.


I know, I know, I haven’t been really active lately. And it is not at all my fault! Blame Pasta!

I have always been excited for Pasta, ever since it was announced. It had been hard to watch though, since it got licensed on vikii, and there were no other subs out at the time. I lived between the recaps and the raw video –which was okay, but did not have the same effect. So, I thought I’d wait for more episodes to be subbed and just download it all at once. While waiting for Pasta subs, I decided to stat Still, Marry Me. Before I knew it, I didn’t care much for Pasta anymore and got hooked on to Still, Marry Me. I just knew it would be great. However, there weren’t very many episodes subbed (2 at the time), so while waiting for the next episode, I told myself to get caught up with Pasta and that was where the problem started. You see, even though I liked Still, Marry Me and wanted the next episode oh, so badly, it was totally bearable. It didn’t take over me (like some dramas do. Not very many, but not entirely rare either.), and I waited patiently. I mean, at the same time, I was watching 4 other dramas. BUT! With Pasta, I’m addicted to it. It’s like episode after episode after episode. For most dramas, I’m there to see the leads get together and I do this chant thing “Get together already! Hold hands and be happy!”, y’know? But not with Pasta. Nope, for Pasta, I’m just there to enjoy the ride. It’s not that Pasta’s exciting, I just –it’s just… it’s just such an easy drama to watch. Such an easy drama. It’s really mellow and so enjoyable. Anyway, apparently, I don’t have enough love to go around. The more I love Pasta, the less interested I am in Still, Marry Me (or any other drama for that matter.), and it’s a little frustrating. I had just download episode four, and I can’t bring myself to watch past five minutes. It’s not that Still, Marry Me hit a bump or got any disappointing; it’s just that my head is so wrapped around Pasta right now, I can’t bring myself to enjoy anything else. 

And so,

I announce the following days “Pasta Days”

Why? Well, I’m going to go through all the episode of Pasta once again, and rave about all my favorite parts. I’M SO EXCITED GAIZ.

You guys are going to tune it? (LOL. Tune in. *snort*) Right? Right? Riiiigggghhhhhttttt?


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