Autumn’s Concerto: A Rant



I’ve vented a bit about Autumn’s Concerto in my old blog. This is when I was still on episode 12:

Autumn’s Concerto It’s a love story. Well, go figure Ricetard. Pretty much, warm girl melts the cold heart of boy. But, it get’s better than that. He’s rich! She’s poor! He has a tumor! She takes care of him! He get’s surgery where the odds are against him! Scary Mom scares off girl! Girl leaves guy! Girl is preggers with his child! Boy survives surgery! Boy has amnesia! Boy meets girl six years later! He doesnt remember her! Girl’s heart hurts! He remembers! He’s mad at the world! He’s a jerk again! RUN GAIZ, RUN. Throw in some sexual harrasment, and BAM! DER IT IS!

Well, actually it’s much more than that. I’m still on episode 12, and refuse to go on until the two are happily together. It’s actually a really, really, reeaaaally good. I was impressed. Very much so. This drama is all heart, really touching. I actually cried in one scene, and I never cry in dramas now-a-days. But at this point, I’m just kind of like “JUST BE TOGETHER GAIZ. LETS HOLD HANDS AND MAKE-UP.” But, noo, the drama chooses to take the complex route. Which is better, I suppose, as there would be no drama if it were that easy. But it’s very frustrating -not in a ‘OMGTHISDRAMAISSOSLOWANDBORING” because it is everything but that. It’s frustrating in a way where the viewer is just so attached to the characters that they just want them to be happy. Cinderella-style. (Yes, I went there.) I had this same problem with Brilliant Legacy, constantly frustrated because the two just wouldnt get together (well, that and the awful family), but it’s soooooo worth it once they do. Because you anticipate it for so long, when they get together -it’s twice as sweet.

 And I’m afraid that a lot of how I felt about Autumn’s Concerto in the past has changed. I was in the middle of watching episode 19, but I couldn’t watch it anymore so I closed the window. I’ve always tried to give Autumn’s Concerto a lot of credit, it was one of the few TW dramas I could take seriously -and that should count for something, no? But my frustration level for this drama has exploded. I’m actually getting pissed off now. I want to throw my computer (no longer laptop. Sniff. My laptop don’t turn on no more. SO SADDENING.) into a faraway ocean, and let it drown there. I JUST DONT UNDERSTAND. I hate that they put so much drama into this series, for the sake of drama! Remember my list in my rant from my old blog: “He’s rich! She’s poor! He has a tumor! She takes care of him! He get’s surgery where the odds are against him! Scary Mom scares off girl! Girl leaves guy! Girl is preggers with his child! Boy survives surgery! Boy has amnesia! Boy meets girl six years later! He doesnt remember her! Girl’s heart hurts! He remembers! He’s mad at the world! He’s a jerk again! RUN GAIZ, RUN. Throw in some sexual harrasment, and BAM! DER IT IS!” WELL THE LIST DOESN’T STOP THERE. IT GOES ON AND ON AND ON AND ON. AND ONCE YOU THINK IT STOPS, THERE IS A FAKE RING THERE’S MORE! Why? Why? Why? They had such a good idea, this had potential to be an amazing drama (well, according to ratings, it already is.), one that could be heart-clenching, warm, and one about true love. One about family. One about trust. BUT INSTEAD, THEY GO OFF AND MAKE THISSSSSSS. I JUST DONT UNDERSTAND WHY!

[Spoilers ahead]

Before Ren Guang Xi regained his memory, I assumed once he did, the first thing he’d do would be to run and apologize to Liang Mu Cheng. Not that he did anything wrong, but I truly thought that there would be some dramatic running scene, some ballad music in the background, him searching for her all over the place, and once found, hugging her tight while saying something along the lines of “I’m sorry. I’m sorry I forgot you, I’m sorry. And about He Yi Qian, we- we called are wedding off. *Guang Xi starts to tear up* I was living a life of lies for six years, I couldn’t remember. I’m so sorry. I’m sorry I couldn’t be there while you were pregnant. As the father, I should have been there to take care of you, to be by your side. How could I make you go through all of that alone. *crying hard* And when Xiao Le was born, I should have been there to hold your hand. I’m, I’m sorry. You had to go through all that alone. Because of me, because I couldn’t remember. You had to work very, very hard to support you and our baby. I should have been here, if I was there you wouldn’t have to lift a finger! I’m sorry. When Xiao Le was diagnosed with his illness, I should have been by your side. *nearly yelling* How did you manage by yourself. How could I let you do this all on yout own! I’m so, so sorry. *calms down and lets Mu Cheng go, and looks deep into her eyes* Liang Mu Cheng, forgive me. Please, accept me back. I’ll make it up to you, I promise.” Yeeeeeeah, that did not happen. But I honestly honestly honesstttlllyy thought it would. Why? Beacuse Guang Xi was not a stupid person. My favorite scene of this drama to-date is the one where Mu Cheng helped him shave. Remember that episode? When Ren Guang Xi went to the hospital for treatment before the surgery? Mu Cheng was by his side the whole time. Holding his hand while they stuck needles in him. Holding the bag, patting his back while he was throwing-up. Helping him in every little task. And that shaving scene. He couldn’t shave because his hands were shaky due to the treatment. Oh, that was such a heart-wrenching moment. His frustration. Just by his actions, you could tell what he was thinking. “Why am I so useless? How come I’m so unreliable? I can’t do the simple task of shaving!” But Mu Cheng comes in and tries to lighten the mood. “Ren Guang Xi, I have to thank you for giving me this oppertunity. This is the first time I had to help someone shave,” she says. She gives him a half-smile, and he chuckles. But then he begins to cry, he feels so pathetic. It’s not the fact that hes embarrassed, but the fact that he’s sunk so low. He use to play hockey! He was the stud of his class! He was Ren Guang Xi! Smart, studying to be a lawyer, just learned how to love. How, how could he have turned into this over night? Mu Cheng embraces him. Although she couldn’t relate to his situation, she could feel his pain. She hugged him, making sure he understood that he wasn’t alone. That, even though he was like this right now, it wouldn’t sway her feelings for him. She let him go, saying “c’mon. We have to get you shaved.” She holds the razer upside-down. He let’s out a chuckle, “this way” turning it right-side-up. OOooof, my heart sinks each time I replay this scene. I teared up, and for once, I truly, truly felt for the characters. It was in that moment that I decided that “hey, this might actually be something great”. Anywho, I figured that once he regained his memory to these key moments, he’d see how much she loved him. He’d understand that there were reasons behind her actions that she didn’t tell him. How can he just believe her last words she said before they parted? After all they went through, how can he only believe that!? Mu Cheng, the woman who accepted him even though she knew there would be a chance of him not coming back. The one who said “it’s the tumor you have to chase away, not me”. She loved him regardless! And it was obvious, in her every action. When they made love that night, could he not feel her affections for her? It was written all over her face! I just cannot believe that when he regained his memory, he truly believed that all of that was a lie. That she was acting. That she was just playing with him. You would not believe how frustrated I was when that happened.

But for Ren Guang Xi, that wasn’t enough. He had to ruin her life along with that. He would get revenge, he’d make her live a life that was under his control. He threatens to take custody of Xiao Le, knowing how important he was to her. He was the only thing that Mu Cheng had, but that didn’t matter. Poor ole Guang Xi feels he suffered more than Mu Cheng had. Mu Cheng is evil. Mu Cheng wanted to go through all of that alone. It’s soo sad that he doesn’t even see how much she had suffered. He doesn’t even think that she suffered. He doesn’t even care. After that, he forces her into marriage. He nearly rapes her. Sound familiar? He was so cruel to her. I- I don’t get it. This was the Guang Xi who regained his memory. The one who learned how to love, and how it felt to be loved. Yet, he could turn so monstrous. I don’t understand (I know I keep saying that, but I just don’t get it!)! But then he sees her caring side. His heart is having a battle with his brain. His brain still says she’s a lying evil monster, just like the rest of the world. His heart sees her true self, how can Mu Cheng really want to hurt him so bad? He goes back and forth, making Mu Cheng put up with his mood swings, his hot and cold sides. One night he’d be smiling at her, the next morning spitting at her. What did Mu Cheng do to deserve this? Leaving you? What? Does the world revolve around you? You think everything is about you? Huh? Okay, fine, he later tells her he wants to start over.  She accepts it, and tries to tell him what really happened -but no. He wants to dance. Okay, fine. They dance, and he gives a speach “I want to trust you. So from now on, be honest with me. Is this one in front of me real? Was that kiss real?” She replies “Of course. I’ve always been the most real.” He grabs her hand “even this ring?” She replies “Even this ring!”  AANNKKK (buzzer sound), wrong answer. So much for being honest. But, before we get into that, he knew all along that it was a fake ring. Remember, he doesn’t trust her, so he has the guy who works for him stalk her! He knows that it’s for Hua Tuo Ye, but doesn’t have a full grasp on the situation. He doesn’t need one either, he’s too clever for that yknow. *eyeroll* Actually, if he wanted to know why exactly she pawned off their ring for him, he should have asked. HE should have been the honest one, and he probably would’ve recieved an honest answer too. But no. He tests her. Yeah, the one who wants to receive honesty is testing her. Does that make any sense? So, she lies after promising that she is trust-worthy. Mu Cheng, the one who I respect oh, so much, why? When you know how much he’s trying, how much he wants the truth,  he wants to trust, he wants honesty, why in the world would you lie? She keeps insisting she’s so trustworthy, but to let out a flat lie so easily, my dear! BAD MOVE. She messed up right there.

And I’m so tempted to give up on them. It’s dragging soooo long. It’s a situation after another situation. No one is ever happy, everyone lies, everyone cries. WHY CANT THEY JUST GET TOGETHER AND BE HAPPY. At first, I loved Guang Xi. I loved how Mu Cheng took them by the hand, and together they saw a beautiful world. He learned how to care for someone, she had someone she could rely on- something she was missing since very young. He turned into such a good guy. He learned morals, grew a concious -it was… so lovely. It was almost an overnight change though. Perhaps that is the reason why he could change back to his old-self (old self = jerk) so quickly. I felt like I missed something. The Guang Xi who ran out of the hospital room to beg the woman he loved to stay, turned into… that. And because he was changed so easily, I lost all my love for him. Well, most of it. I’ll admit, that I was inlove with his ‘good-guy’ self. Because he was humble, honest and genuine. Now, when he goes back to being a good guy, I won’t be able to see him with the same eyes. Nothing justifies the way he treated Mu Cheng, nothing at all. To be so inconsiderate, while claiming you love the person? The caring Guang Xi wouldn’t miss the details. The caring Guang Xi would see how much Mu Cheng suffered those six years, while he was actually living happily. Though, it wasn’t the life he chose, he was happy during that time. Mu Cheng was happy too, and Xioa Le was the reason for that. However, Xioa Le came with a lot of pain. But we’re dealing with heartless, unforgiving Guang Xi now. And he’s really dispicable. I can’t feel any of his pain, no matter how much he cries about it. He’s done so much bad after that, it’s like reverse karma. But Mu Cheng, that angel of a woman, can still feel bad for him. She still holds his hands tight and says “let’s get through this together.” Even though he was so mean to her -she can still do that. And he thinks it’s an… act? Are you serious? Did I miss something? Are you kidding me? Like, really sir? RAAAAAGE. Homeboy doesn’t get it. And so, I just cannot like him. Even when he reverts back, I will not like him. His love is conditional, and I hate that. I honestly think Mu Cheng should go off back to the flower village and raise Xioa Le as a single mother, but with Tuo Ye as a father figure. Besides, Tuo Ye is a better role model for Xioa Le to follow. Though Guang Xi is more successful, he is so twisted. He drowna himself in so much self-pity that I can’t even respect him. Though I think it’s foolish for Tuo Ye to keep going for Mu Cheng for so long (she never tried to lead him on or anything), it’s endearing how he cares for her regardless. See Guang Xi? Unconditional love. Learn it.

And about Hua Tuo Ye that whole dilema. WHY SUCH AN UNNECESSARY SITUATION? Wasn’t it kind of… too much? It was nearly over-kill, and it’s so ridiculous that I don’t even bother feeling sympathy for them at all.

And I could keep going on and on, but I’d just start repeating myself more than I already have. I had such high hopes for this drama, but it just came crashing down in a heartbeat. I’m disappointed, aggravated and really wish an episode of Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge would air. My brain needs a break. *sigh*


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    WOW! THIS IS SO GREAT! i really do feel what youre feeling! Thank you for giving me this rant because i thought no one else understands what i feel. BUT I AM WRONG! i love you so very much, you are my role model! <3<3<3<3

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