Smiling Pasta: A Review


I know that I just wrote a review (for Brilliant Legacy *points to post under*), and that one is really.. long.  I think I need to cut back on my posts, I tend to rant like there is no tomorrow. But who really would want to read… all of that? SO! I think I should limit myself.  800-1000 words max. And Im on word like 63. 64? LOL, w/e.

Smiling Pasta, summed up in one word is: adorable.

 (What a strange place to add the ‘insert more’ tag, you say. LOL.)

I have yet to see a drama as cutesy as this one. Fine, that’s a lie. But,  honestly speaking, this drama is drowned it sugar, clouds, rainbows and flowers -but I can tolerate it.  Not only do I tolearate it, I awww along with it. The leads are such a sweet, buttery couple, that it’s impossible not to love them.

Anyway, a checklist you’ll need to do while watching the drama:

  • turn brain off.
  • ignore all special effects. Yes, ignore them- I KNOW ITS OVERKILL, BUT TRY YOUR HARDEST.
  • try not to keep their age in mind. Or that they go to university.
  • get use to such a lovable, supportive, yet annoying family.
  • prepare room for a squeal-fest. It’s prection-packed.

The leads had chemistry. Oh, it was so much fun to watch! But, don’t be expecting hot, passionate, relevant-to-their-age love.  This is immature, third grade crush, puppy love. Which is fine too. Look, I’ve seen this drama three times, and I’m still not over it.

This drama is full of flaws. There are flaws in every little corner of the drama. But, you know what? Once you turn the brain off, it’s really not so bad. (ha-ha) I’d go into detail, but Im pressing my lips and trying to keep this as concise as possible. I’ll probably make a rant of this one day.

Is the drama exciting? Not really. Is it deep? No, it’s pretty light-weight. Is it fun? YES! Is is memorable? …depends. Is it touching? It actually has it’s moments. Is it perfect? Far from it! Smiling Pasta is a fun, cute, simple drama. That’s all there is to it, really. I love it endlessly, and it doesnt require any brainwork- at all! (Unlike Brilliant Legacy *coughs again, while pointing to post under*)

Give it a shot. If you don’t like the first episode (watch the whole first), you probably won’t like the rest of the drama, as the drama tone stays  the same throughout.


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